Application Instructions

Here's some info on how to get the most from Remedy

As simple as this!

Follow the easy instructions below to get the most out of your Remedy kit!

Familiarize yourself with your Remedy

Lay out all of the items on a counter or table. Your shipment should include everything you need to do the application. If this is not your first Remedy application, find the sprayer that came with your first shipment.

NOTE: It is very important for you to learn the limitations of the pest control product. We recommend reading the label that is included in the package of the pesticide so you know where you should and should not spray it, and what other precautions should be necessary.

Put on your protective equipment

At a very minimum, you should wear the rubber gloves that were sent in your kit. The product label will let you know if you need any additional equipment.

Pour pesticide product into Remedy application bag

Be careful not to spill. There may not seem like much in there, but this is a highly concentrated product. We send exactly what you need, so you want every drop.

Add water to rinse pesticide container

Slowly add water to the pesticide bottle, secure the lid, then shake it up, and pour the water into the Application Bag. Repeat this step two more times. This is a requirement that is stated on the label to ensure concentrated pesticides do not enter the environment, and it ensures you get all the product for application.

Fill application bag

Fill the Application Bag with water the rest of the way to the Fill line. Again, do this slowly so the product does not splash or spill.

Attach sprayer wand

Ensure the tube is at an appropriate length to reach the bottom of the bag and secure the wand.

Adjust nozzle

Adjusting the nozzle on the Sprayer Wand by spinning the tip clockwise or counter clockwise. Spray a bit on the edge of your house. You should have a nice, even spray pattern. Not too much of a mist, but not a straight stream either.

Start outdoors

Start off by spraying around the foundation of your home, in any cracks or crevices, around or inside irrigation boxes, and along the EDGES of patios or sidewalks (due to regulations, you cannot spray on โ€œhardscapesโ€ such as concrete, brick walkways, asphalt, etc.). Focus most of the spray on the outside of the home. This creates a barrier that will stop most pests from getting into your home.

Move inside

You can spray any remaining product on the baseboards around the inside of your home, or spot treat problem areas, unless otherwise noted on the product label.

Pro-Tip: If you have dark floors or baseboards, spray a little higher up the wall as the product may leave a white residue behind when it dries. If you do get this residue, just put on a pair of gloves and use a rag and soap and water and it should remove the residue without staining.

Dispose of materials

When you have used all you can, throw away the Application Bag along with the pesticide bottle and rubber gloves. Be sure to hold onto the Sprayer Wand for your next application. We recommend storing it in the Remedy box, so members of your household know not to use it for anything else.

Enjoy a pest-free home!

Now just sit back and enjoy. Repeat the steps above when your next shipment arrives.