How to Get Rid of an Ant Infestation in Your Home

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Did you know that there are about 12,000 different types of ants? While they may all look similar to you, they're incredibly diverse! Only some of them, however, will ever make their way into your home.

If you've ever had an ant infestation, you know how frustrating it can be. They can be difficult to get rid of, and keeping them away after you remove them is no small task.

We're here to talk about how you can get rid of ants and take your home back. Read on for our best tips and suggestions.

Find the Source

It can be helpful to figure out where these small invaders are coming from so you can block their entry. This way, you only have to get rid of the ants that are already in your home instead of fighting a constant battle against new ants every day.

Check for cracks in walls, gaps around windows and doors, or any openings where ants can sneak in. Remember that some ants are tiny, so they can fit into super-small cracks and gaps.

If you're struggling, see if you can find a trail of ants. The trail may not be tight, but you'll see ants following a similar path. This is because ants create chemical trails of pheromones for other ants to follow.

That's how they tell each other that there's food somewhere.

If you can't find the source, don't worry. You'll be treating the perimeter of your home later. It's just a helpful step that can minimize the amount of work you have to do to get rid of the ants.

Use Ant Traps

Ant traps can be helpful when you're trying to get rid of ants from the source.

Ant traps don't usually "trap" ants at all. They're full of chemicals that, to the ants, smell like food. The ants take food from the ant traps back to their homes and the ants in the nest eat it.

The chemicals from the traps kill the ants in the nest. This is a great way to get rid of a lot of ants quickly.

Use Your Pest Remedy

But what about the ants that are left over? Also, how do you keep ants away from the perimeter of your home so they stop coming in altogether? Are ant traps enough?

For a minor pest infestation, the traps may be enough. If you're dealing with a serious ant problem, however, we recommend that you invest in Pest Remedy. It's an awesome DIY pest control solution that yields professional-quality results.

You'll get products made specifically for handling an ant infestation. First, you'll treat the outside perimeter of your home to protect all of your potential entry points. Then you'll spot-treat inside the house when you see ants crawling around.

This DIY pest control is powerful!

Keep Ants At Bay

So you've gotten rid of most of the ants, but now you want to make sure that any lingering ones don't have any reason to stick around and invite their friends. How do you keep ants away?

Here are a few quick tips for ending your ant infestation for good after you've gotten rid of most of those little six-legged invaders.

Avoid Letting Trash Sit

This isn't a "forever" thing, but while you're dealing with the ending stages of an ant infestation, it's best to avoid letting trash sit at all (especially when it's full of food waste).

If you have a trash can with a heavy lid, it's not as big of a problem. If your garbage can doesn't have a lid, you need to put the trash outside more often. This way ants won't come in to investigate your trash.

Keep All Food Covered

All food should be covered and put away right after you're done using it. It's also helpful to put food in sealable containers.

If you normally leave your sugar out in the open in the morning while you're drinking your coffee, put it away. It's a goldmine for ants!

If you have food that's in open or poorly-sealed containers (like cereal boxes, for example) transfer the food into other containers while you're dealing with ants.

If ants can't access food in your home, they'll lose interest.

Put Away Pet Food

Do you have pets? You need to put their food away as well.

Yes, your dog or cat may be unhappy about no longer having the ability to graze, but this is a short-term fix. Once your ant infestation is gone, you can return to your normal feeding habits.

Seal Entry Points

Remember those entry points you found earlier? Those little gaps can keep welcoming ants and other pests. It's time to seal them up if it's possible to do so.

Use caulk to seal up any gaps around doors or windows that shouldn't be there. Patch up or replace screens in windows that have large holes. Look for any cracks in the walls (likely near the floor) and cover them up.

Get Rid of Your Pesky Ant Infestation

Dealing with household pests is such a pain! You can take your home back and get rid of your ant infestation with a few quick steps. Keep this guide in mind when you're ready to conquer those unwanted roommates.

Are you looking for a high-quality pest control solution that you can use on your own? You need Pest Remedy.

Get a quote for your personalized Pest Remedy kit today.

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