7 Different Bugs to Look Out for and How to Eliminate Them

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Bugs are one of the last things that you want to deal with in your own home. Unfortunately, in the United States, this is a more common problem than you may think.

There are about 14 million homes in the country that reported spotting roaches in their houses. What can you do about this? You would need to call pest control.

However, you should be aware of the different bugs that could cause problems in your household. Read on to find out about the bugs that you are most likely to run into.

1. Bed Bugs

One type of bug that you should hopefully avoid running into in your home is a bed bug. These are nasty creatures because they can be difficult to spot until it is too late.

The worst part is that they are likely hidden under your mattress or one of your blankets. Then, they crawl around in the middle of the night and bite your body to try to get some blood to stay alive.

Eventually, you will notice that you have itchy red spots all over your body because of this. It can make your bed an uncomfortable and even disgusting place for you to sleep in.

What can you do about this? Well, when you first notice the problem, try to make your house as clean as possible.

This includes putting any blankets and sheets that you have on your bed into the laundry machine. You may even have to throw any clothes that you wore to bed into the laundry machine as well.

What this does is help get rid of the bugs that have made your blankets and clothes their new homes. Once these types of bugs find one place to settle down, they begin to multiply rapidly until it becomes a very noticeable problem.

These tend to be some of the most common bugs that you will find in a home considering that 20% of homes and hotels in the United States reported having bed bugs.

Bed bugs are very small and difficult to see with the naked eye. However, they have an oval body and have six legs. So, if you spot some of these bugs in your bed, you have to do everything you can to make your bed a clean space.

2. Bees

Another type of bug you have to look out for is bees. This is especially the case if you live in a wide-open area.

Bees tend to have a habit of creating bee hives in random places. One day, you may find one of these in the corner of your roof or even on a tree in your backyard.

You will know that bees are around because they have a buzzing sound. They are black and yellow bugs that have wings.

The problem is that bees have stingers, too, that can hurt. This can be even worse if you have a swarm of bees that decide to attack you all at once.

The good news here is that if you get stung by a bee, it is unlikely to be lethal. It will merely cause some minor pain. However, the same cannot be said for those that are allergic to bees.

What can you do to get rid of bees? This may be tricky because you would likely have to get rid of the bee hive if you have it set up.

You will need to put on some protective gear before you go outside. This includes wearing headgear that protects your head as well as a suit that covers your whole body. All of this minimizes the risk of you getting stung by a bee while you try to remove the hive.

Truthfully, you just have to make sure that no bee hives are being set up around your property. Bees are unlikely to sting you if you do not attack them first. So, this could be something that you just have to keep a regular eye on.

3. Fleas

Fleas can also be an annoying bug to deal with because you are typically not the only living thing in your household that needs to worry about them.

It is a common belief that fleas like to find a new home on pets around people's houses. This includes both cats and dogs, as it does not take much to have them considered to be an infestation.

Cats and dogs can have as little as 20 fleas on them, and a vet will say that they are infested with fleas. About 28% of cats and 14% of dogs have fleas on their bodies that can cause some damage.

If you notice your pets rolling around and acting like they are itchy, this could be the first sign. Then, you could potentially spot bite marks on their bodies.

However, know that this is not just limited to your pets. Fleas can go on humans too and try to bite them for their blood.

Essentially, any living thing in your house can be exposed to fleas and you have to take precautions against this before it becomes a big problem.

How do you do this? Start by knowing what the bugs look like. They are small creatures that are likely to have red and brown colors.

Then, do everything you can to make sure you clear out your environment. This can mean vacuuming more often, bathing your pets, putting any clothes that you were exposed with in the laundry, and more.

4. Lice

Lice can be another annoying type of bug for humans to deal with given how itchy they can make you get. These are very tough to spot given their small size plus the fact that they have grey and white coloring.

Where are you most likely to spot them in your home? Truthfully, it will be on your scalp.

If you notice that your head is irrationally itchy, this could mean that you have lice.

What do you do about this? Get shampoo for your head that specifically addresses lice. This should kill the rest of the eggs before they have a chance to hatch.

Then, wash any piece of clothing that you think you exposed your head to during this. It can eliminate the possibility of a new batch of lice growing on your body again.

5. Mosquitos

Luckily for you, this next bug is a little easier to spot. That is because it is a bug that can fly around your house and it has a brown body.

Unfortunately, most people tend to notice mosquitos when it is too late. That is because a lot of these bugs have a habit of biting people for their blood. As a result, the mosquitos leave humans itchy in that spot with a possible red mark that can get swollen.

What can you do about this? You can make it harder for mosquitos to get in and around your house.

The easiest step is to make sure that all of your windows are closed and that you do not leave your door open for too long. When it gets warmer out, mosquitos may get more comfortable flying around. Try to expose minimum skin outside if your area is prone to mosquitos and get some bug spray to deter them.

6. Spiders

Another easy bug to spot around your house is a spider. These tend to have black or brown bodies with eight legs. While they cannot fly, they can create spider webs that allow them to dangle up and down your house.

Unless you run into a spider that is rarely poisonous, they are unlikely to try to attack humans compared to other bugs surrounding them.

However, you may still be annoyed at their presence and consider them unsightly to have around the house.

What can you do to get rid of them? Try to get rid of nests and spider webs whenever you see them to deter the spiders from settling into your home.

7. Ants

Finally, you could have something as simple as ants. While they are not dangerous to you, they could be an ant infestation if you do not deal with them early.

The reason for this is that they tend to live in colonies. So, there are hundreds if not thousands of them living in the same place.

These are simple to spot considering they are small, brown, and crawl everywhere. They likely found a crack or an opening within your walls and are taking advantage of it. What you can do is find the source, seal it, and use a repellant to get the rest of the ants out of your home.

Take Care of Different Bugs

These are seven different bugs that you may eventually have to deal with in your home. Some of these bugs such as bees may be riskier to deal with on your own. However, there are easier ones to manage such as ants, spiders, mosquitos, and more.

Luckily, we have a DIY pest control product to help you with this. Get a quote for it here.

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